Artists Share Their Stories Project Survey

Artists Share Their Stories Survey allows people from around the world to participate in this community art project that aims to foster peaceful dialogue on people's goals/visions for the future.

Thank you for participating in Artists Share their Stories project by responding to the following brief survey about your dreams for the future.
We welcome participation from all over the world. Please know that this is a community art project and your participation is completely voluntary. We welcome your sharing some general information about your background, but you may choose to remain completely anonymous.
Generally speaking, it is preferred that participants give us at least some general idea about their age and the geographical area of their residence. By filling out the questionnaire below, you are giving permission to the Director of Artists Share Their Stories Project to have your responses be published on the World Wide Web and/or in print.
The Director of Artists Share Their Stories has the right to edit or eliminate postings. (We request in particular that you do not post any message promoting hate of any kind at our site.)

There are 12 questions in this survey.
  A Note On Privacy
This survey is anonymous.
The record kept of your survey responses does not contain any identifying information about you unless you enter your real name when asked in the survey. You may choose to use a pseudonym instead of your real name for full anonymity. You can rest assured that the no identifying information is kept with your responses. You will not be tracked by this survey.